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01-Jul-2017 05:28

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Seems more like a 1 sided love throughout this whole drama and then all of the sudden, the writer puts the leads together at the very end of the last episode which honestly seems rushed and a waste to me.

If you want romance from the leads, you certainly are not going to see it from this drama. But besides that, the problems that occurred in this drama was resolved and I was satisfied with that.

I also like Joon as character: strong, independent girl. To describe it, it is a feel good series with a simple plot. The story is about change and how we foresee it and the importance of valuing relationships between family and friends Actually i started to watch this drama bcause of siwon..

Byun Hyuk is the most childish and “unbelievably” person lol, one thing keeps distracting me that was about Kang So-Ra make up. The plot, i like that the mum of the chaebol is not too uptight with family status. It had sweet scenes but felt confused as to who's who the girl is interested in.I love his kiss on the bench and I love that she just pushed him away. It is awesome that Hyuk decided to help a friend and even felt so bad that gave away Joon. Yes ending could be less predictable in last few minutes.Choosen guy could come behind her back not hid behind newspaper.Kang So Ra stole the show for me in my opinion, the funny scenes highlighting her strong sides were always great to watch and definitely had me replaying them. I didn't think the happiness he felt at the end of the last episode was going to be because of his new career and the weight lifted off his shoulders but I guess it also makes sense.

Altogether the drama was paced out nicely until the last episode where Joon is leaving and saying her goodbyes.

Baek Joon graduated from a good university, but she was unable to land a job at a company and begin taking part-time jobs.

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